Storms Usher in Chilly Weather



    A cold front blew into North Texas, along with storms and brought rain and strong winds to the area.

    Temperatures dropped 25 degrees in the first hours after a cold front moved in, NBCDFW Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock said. Temperatures are expected to remain cool throughout the weekend.

    High winds ripped a section of the roof off a Braum's ice cream store and several other buildings received damage when a storm passed through Greenville on Friday afternoon.

    About 25 people were inside the Braum's, but no one was seriously injured.

    Mother Nature Blows the Roof Off

    [DFW] Mother Nature Blows the Roof Off
    High winds ripped a section of the roof off a Braum's ice cream store in Greenville.

    Jeffrey Jennings was helping customers in the drive-thru when the storm hit the front of the building.

    "I turned around, and you could just see all the debris flying around and just shooting out, so we just got all our customers and employees and went into the cooler to make sure they were safe," he said.

    Jenning said he knew a storm was coming but didn't know how powerful it was until the electricity turned off and part of the roof was ripped off.

    "I thought it was just going to be rain and the hail that came down with it. Then (I) come outside and see all this -- this big chunk, how it just came off. It's just crazy," he said.

    The seating area of the restaurant had several inches of water on the floor. Employees did their best to drain the water out of the store.

    City spokesman Doyle Dick told The Associated Press that straight-line winds were to blame for damage that also was reported at a car rental business and a gas station. Dick said one person may have received minor injuries when a sign toppled onto a car.

    Six homes in the area were damaged, but no one was seriously injured.

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    NBCDFW's Omar Villafranca contributed to this report.