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NTTA Tearing Down 7-Year-Old Retaining Walls

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    Construction crews are ripping down parts of retaining walls along the Dallas North Tollway that were built just seven years ago.

    The North Texas Tollway Authority said the changes will improve access to and from the tollway and State Highway 121.

    "Now it's grown to a five-level interchange with eight direct connect routes," NTTA spokesman Michael Ray said.

    But some drivers say it's a waste of money and demonstrates a lack of planning.

    "I think it's a waste," Jerry Roach said. "If they knew this area was growing seven years ago, they should've known putting something new in -- only to redo it -- is ridiculous."

    But Ray said the demolition does not demonstrate a lack of foresight.

    "It would be perfect if we could have foreseen it ahead of time, but to actually make that prediction -- as they say, hindsight is 20/20 in this case, and we did the best we could with the info we had at the time," he said.

    Rey said inter-agency obstacles also prohibited planners from being able to accurately predict the transportation needs of Collin County commuters when the area was designed in 2000 and completed in 2004.

    At that time, the Texas Department of Transportation controlled Highway 121. NTTA inherited it in 2008.

    Tollway planners said that tearing down the walls isn't the perfect financial scenario, but it improve access and traffic flow.