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Trade In Your Bag At Dillards



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    Get handbags like this at a discount, and get rid of the ugly ones still in your closet.

    Remember that handbag you bought for your sister's wedding to match that hideous bridemaid's dress (color: Luscious Lavender)? Wouldn't you like to get some of that money back toward a new handbag that you could use for more than just your kids' dress-up collection?

    Dillards is having a handbag trade-in event that gives folks a chance to exchange their gently used older bag for a discount on a newer one.

    Here's how much you'll get for trading in a bag:

    • $15 off a $50 - $75 new handbag
    • $25 off a $76 - $125 new handbag
    • $40 off a $126 - $199 new handbag
    • $50 off a $200 or more new handbag

    Your unwanted handbag goes to charity, the newly discounted one goes home with you.

    A word of caution, the dates and locations for this event vary, so check out this locator from Dillards online before you go.