The Quest to Stack the Deck Park With Local Flavors

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    While the Woodall Rogers Deck Park in Dallas is slowly taking shape, the park foundation is looking ahead at what amenities it will offer.

    The Woodall Rogers Park Foundation hopes good food will help lure visitors to the 5.2 acres of green space with a perfomance pavillion, a dog park, walking trails and more.

    Deck Park Over Woodall Rogers Takes Shape

    [DFW] Deck Park Over Woodall Rogers Takes Shape
    The $100 million project to build a deck park over Woodall Rogers Freeway is slowly taking shape in Dallas. (Published Wednesday, April 20, 2011)

    Shawn Fullam, of the Lincoln Property Co., has been interviewing local restaurateurs in hopes of finding someone to bring a local vibe to The Park.

    "We feel like it might be ideal to have its own identity, its own brand-new experience, something we haven't had before but still feels very local to the community," he said.

    Donations to Pay for Deck Park Extras

    [DFW] Donations to Pay for Deck Park Extras
    Donations from several families will pay for park amenities such as a pavilion, a concert venue and a dog park. (Published Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011)

    Fullam wouldn't disclose which restauranteurs or chefs he's met with but said they've given him great feedback. He said he also plans to meet with more.

    Downtown residents are already anticipating the opening of the park and all of its amenities.

    Dallas Deck Park Coming Together

    [DFW] Dallas Deck Park Coming Together
    Slowly but surely, construction crews are making progress on the Woodall Rogers Deck Park. (Published Friday, July 30, 2010)

    "I'd rather just see street vendors, like little carts there, like, a really local feel -- nothing big," said Brian Zenner, a downtown resident.

    "I understand they are trying to get a local operator, which is great, but I'd like to see something approachable and at a moderate price point. I hope they don't go too upscale,"said Barry Bowens, another downtown resident.

    The Pearl Street exit is slated to reopen next month.  The park is scheduled to open in September 2012.