Nona's Hatches Baker's Dozen Challenge

Breakfast celebration of 'egg-cess'

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    Someone has yet to win Nona's Baker's Dozen Challenge Omelet Challenge.

    This gargantuan breakfast celebration of "egg-cess" (sorry, we had to) weighs in at seven pounds.

    “It’s kind of like eating a mountain of food,” said Rob Glover, who tried his best to conquer the colossal omelet.
    The list of ingredients that go into making it are staggering: thirteen eggs, a pound of cheddar cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapenos and hash browns served with two foot wide pancakes.
    If and when someone snarfs this monstrous omelet (plus the jumbo pancakes) he or she will walk away with more than a belly full of breakfast.

    The winner will get a photo of their mug on Nona’s Wall of Omelet Fame and a free t-shirt.

    Nona's Omelet Challenges Your Stomach

    [DFW] Nona's Omelet Challenges Your Stomach
    Nona's Omelet challenge breaks more than a dozen eggs to break your fast.

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