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Mavs Spirit by the Slice

Blue dough fills bellies with Mavs spirit

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    A restaurant in Frisco is serves up blue and green pies in honor of the Western Conference champs.

    Dritan Saliovski, the owner of Luigi's Pizza & Pasta, began tinting his dough Sunday.

    Blue Dough Filled with Mavs Spirit

    [DFW] Blue Dough Filled with Mavs Spirit
    Liugi's restaurant in Frisco now serves up Mavs spirit by the slice.

    "We played around in the kitchen, and we came up ith a few ideas of what we could make blue or green," he said.

    At first, the restaurant got a lot of confused callers. But owner Dritan Saliovski said people are now jumping on board.

    "I think it's great," Nadine Symmons said. "It's team spirit. I think it's wonderful."

    Saliovski said there's a direct correlation between wins and the number of orders.

    "To be honest, there was a big excitement on Sunday [but] yesterday was kind of a little edgy," he said.

    But he also expects sales will be up after the Dallas Mavericks' big Game 4 win over the Miami Heat on Tuesday.

    "I think people are going to be a lot more excited and asking for pizzas because they're throwing parties," Saliovski said.

    The restaurant is also dying the cream in its cannoli Mavs blue.


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