Location For Dallas' First In-N-Out Burger Revealed

Cult following can congregate in D-Town first

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    Philadelphia City Council passed an ordinance Thursday, November 6 that will require chain restaurants to list nutritional information on menus.

    Fans of In-N-Out Burger can't wait to sink their teeth into the popular West Coast chain's signature burgers.

    And now, according to a report from the The Dallas Business Journal, is looks as though Dallas will be the popular West Coast chain's first home in North Texas.

    Pig Out Pit Stop: Kenny's Burger Joint

    [DFW] Pig Out Pit Stop: Kenny's Burger Joint
    Ever wanted to eat a 7-pound burger worth an estimated 7,000 calories? Belly up to a table at Kenny's Burger Joint and ask to take the El Jefe Grande challenge. (Published Saturday, July 17, 2010)

    In addition to opening in Garland and Fort Worth, In-N-Out will open at Caruth and Central.

    That said, some impatient fans of the restaurant said they would only "believe it when they see or tasted it."

     We have no word on an exact date when In-N-Out will open.