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Gourmet Yourself: Rusty Taco Fresh Lime Juice Margarita



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    379350 07: Beverly Short and Dale Slate share a huge Margarita September 28, 2000 at La Hacienda in El Paso, Texas. Up to 40 percent of the firms making Mexico's tequila may halt production because of a chronic shortage of their main raw ingredient, the cactus-like agave plant. With the increase of tequila's popularity the demand has past the amount of supply. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

    Newly-opened Rusty Taco on Upper Greenville in Dallas serves cold margaritas made with fresh lime juice.

    Neither too sweet or syrupy, the brightly colored cocktails make for some nice sipping on the patio.

    Pair your maragarita with a fish taco (see above) for a sweet summer snack.

    Here's the recipe for you courtesy of owner Rusty Fenton, who told NBCDFW.com his margs taste like the margaritas served at Cadillac Bar years ago in Nuevo Laredo.

    2.0 oz Sauza Silver
    1.0 oz triple sec
    1.5 oz fresh lime juice
    1.5 oz simple syrup

    Serve on the rocks in a salt rimmed glass and please, repeat as necessary.