All-Star Sightings: Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki and Charles Oakely

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    Brooklyn-born Michael Jordan was at The Ritz last night. Several armed policemen hovering around the Rattle Snake Bar tipped us off that someone big was in the house.

    All 6 ft 6in of MJ was chill. He wore a casual light blue shirt and beige slacks as he spoke softly and pressed palms with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

    All-Star Caliber Bling and Booze

    [DFW] All-Star Caliber Bling and Booze
    Big bucks will be dropped on big-time bling and high-end booze during NBA All-Star weekend.

    The pair then walked over to former NBA power forward Charles Oakley. The group had a brief convo before Jordan ‘left the building’, his pretty-young-lady friend trailing behind as she tried to keep up with his long stride.

    Jones remained but a minute after MJ left and the vibe of the cougar lair pretty much fizzled like a neglected vodka press.

    All About the Alcohol

    [DFW] All About the Alcohol
    Local caterers looking to cash in on NBA All-Star weekend say it's all about the alcohol not the food.

    Earlier in the snowy night, current power forward for the Dallas Mavericks dipped into the Loon -- literally. The seven-foot German had to hunch over to get in the side door. He quickly took a left and greeted a small group of people.

    The scene quickly turned into groupies galore and the star player got the hell out of there. He was dressed in a casual light blue shirt (that you could wrap a toddler in) and jeans.

    Have we spotted a new light blue button-down shirt trend for NBA players out and about? More on that later … it’s only Friday after-all.