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Waxahachie Family Could Have World's Tallest Donkey



    Phil Yellott
    Romulus (back) and Remus (front) are a pair of American Mammoth Jackstock Donkeys from Waxahachie.

    Cara and Phil Yellott have a simple question they want answered -- Do they have the world's tallest donkey?

    The Yellott's have two American Mammoth Jackstock Donkey brothers named Romulus and Remus.

    Romulus, who the Yellott's believe may be the world's tallest donkey, is reported to be 2 inches taller than the current record holder called Oklahoma Sam, who, ironically, lives in California.

    Friday afternoon, in front of witnesses for the Guinness Book of World Records, Romulus will be officially measured by a veterinarian to see if he truly can claim the "tallest" title.

    The Yellott's say there are less than 5,000 American Mammoth Jackstock Donkeys in the world. The pair of brothers were rescued after a previous owner realized he could not afford to feed them the amount they need to be fed.