Urinating Prankster Busted by NBC 5 Crew

Couple not hurt by lewd act

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    You never know what you'll catch on TV cameras.

    Our early-morning reporting crew of Amanda Fitzpatrick and Kerry Smith were at a Best Buy in Denton to do a follow-up story on Brandon Vanderstelt and his wife, who were already camping out for Black Friday specials.

    Shortly after 6 a.m., as Fitzpatrick was preparing for her live shot in the 6 a.m. newscast, she noticed a man wearing something over his face approach the tent.

    The man then began urinating on the tent.

    Caught on Camera: Prankster Urinates on Black Friday Campers

    [DFW] Caught on Camera: Prankster Urinates on Black Friday Campers
    A couple camping out for Black Friday specials become the victim of a prankster who urinated on their tent -- and our news crew witnesses the entire thing.

    "I saw the two guys run over. I immediately thought that they were their friends coming to rattle them or say hi or even stay here with them," Fitzpatrick said. "Then I noticed they were doing that lewd act, urinating here on the side of the tent."

    NBC 5 Photographer Kerry Smith got video of one of the men running back to the SUV -- wearing one flip-flop and carrying the other.  Smith was able to clearly record the license plate and get a shot of the men inside the car before they sped away.

    Using the license plate, the Denton Police Department were able to determine that the owner of the SUV was a UNT student. 

    "That's just unbelievable that people would do that. It's just uncalled for," said Vanderstelt. "We're just here to get our TV.  We're not hurting anybody. I don't understand why they would come and do that to us."

    Officers said they would be following up on the case today and planned to file charges for urinating in public and disorderly conduct. According to police, the suspect, whose name has not been released, was arrested last December for repeatedly ringing his neighbor's door bell and then pointing an unloaded shotgun at him from his house.