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Oak Cliff Man Finds Another Sexually Assaulting Horse

Man scares off attacker, finds horse tied to post



    An Oak Cliff man says he stumbled upon a startling scene last Friday night when he went to attend to his livestock -- someone was sexually assaulting one of his horses.

    According to a Dallas police report, Felipe Hernandez walked into his field on the 4400-block of Barstow Boulevard at about 8:30 p.m. when he spotted a man standing on a water bucket behind a horse while "moving his hips back and forth from the horse's rear."

    At this time Hernandez also noticed that the female horse was tied by the snout and front legs to a fence post.

    Hernandez shouted at the man, who then, presumably, secured his trousers, before jumping a fence and running away.

    Hernandez told police he didn't think this was the first time the man had assaulted one of his horses because, "the livestock was not alarmed."

    Unfortunately for police, Hernandez was not able to make out an accurate description of the horse's attacker.  Should the man be found, he'll likely face a felony charge of cruelty to livestock.