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MedStar Reports Rise in Labor Calls During Ice Storm



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    MedStar ambulance discovered an interesting statistic when looking at data related to the recent ice storm -- a dramatic increase in labor calls.

    Over the last year, MedStar said they responded to an average of four labor calls per day. On Jan. 27 and Feb. 20, they responded to five per day -- the most received per day over the last year.

    Between midnight Dec. 5 and 3 p.m. Dec. 6, MedStar said they responded to 19 childbirth/labor calls.

    In a news release, the ambulance company made mention of a correlation between barometric pressure and women late in their pregnancy going into labor. 

    But they also noted that the barometric pressure increased over the last three days, not the other way around.

    MedStar then mentioned a much more likely reason for the 400 percent increase in calls -- people didn't want to drive themselves to the hospital on icy roads and, should they get stuck, would rather give birth in an ambulance than the back of a Taurus.

    Yeah, that's probably it.