Man Was Victim of ATM Crime While in a Coma

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    The victim did not discover the theft until he was discharged from the hospital.

    A man who spent two months in a coma at an Austin hospital awoke to discover he was a crime victim.

    Austin police on Thursday announced they are seeking a woman seen on ATM bank surveillance video using his debit card.

    Police say the victim was in a coma at Seton Medical Center, beginning in May. His debit card was used at least eight times, in late June, to steal more than $1,300.

    Police say one debit card withdrawal happened in San Antonio, while the rest were in Austin.

    The name of the victim, who did not discover the theft until he was discharged, was not released. Austin police on Thursday did not immediately offer more details on him or how his card was stolen.

    Police say Seton Medical Center is cooperating in the investigation.