Granny Life-Saver Gets Good Karma -- and a Ticket

Cops ticket a bus driver who saved two elderly women from getting hit by a pickup truck

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    A bus driver who saved two senior citizens from getting mowed down by a pickup got the attention of cops, who cited the man for jaywalking.

    They say good things happen to good people - unless, of course, you're this guy.

    A Denver bus driver who saved two elderly women from getting hit by a pickup truck,suffering broken bones of his own, was slapped with a jaywalking ticket for his heroic effort, the Scripps Howard News Service reports.

    Jim Moffett, 58, spotted the two women crossing the road while driving the bus home in the snow, and he and a passenger jumped out to help the women walk safely.

    Traffic slowed as the group made their way across, but one impatient pickup truck sped up and nearly mowed down the grannies. The truck plowed right into Moffett, who pushed the women out of the way, Moffett's son said.

    Cops immediately slapped Moffett, who is in the hospital with a broken face and wrist, a bleeding brain and a dislocated shoulder, with a jaywalking ticket for slowing traffic.

    While Moffett's "intentions were good," jaywalking contributed to the accident, Ryan Sullivan of the State Patrol said.

    Eddie Moore, the other passenger who helped the ladies cross the road, was also cited for jaywalking.

    Moffett also suffered potential ruptures to his spleen and liver.