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W.C. Fields, the Ape, Roaming Texas Hill Country



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    This is not W.C. Fields, but they look a lot a like we suspect.

    W.C. Fields the spider monkey is on the prowl through the hilly suburban subdivisions just northwest of San Antonio.

    Primarily Primates president Stephen Tello tells the San Antonio Express-News that the primate escaped from the sanctuary Tuesday when Tropical Storm Hermine tore open his 40-foot wire enclosure.

    Since then, W.C. has roamed for six miles through at least two subdivisions, staying in the trees just beyond the reach of sanctuary staff.

    Gilbert Rodriguez tells KENS-TV of San Antonio that his agitated wife called him Monday, saying a monkey had chased her into her garage. No one was injured, but the woman's nephew, Matt Meneses, says W.C. kept her trapped for more than an hour.

    Sanctuary officials say they think W.C. is checking garages for food.