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Nick Meyer decided that his AT-AT walker model wasn’t big enough, so he built a two-story replica of the famous “Star Wars” vehicle on the front lawn of his house. The display has inspired some]]>
<![CDATA[Paddington Bear Dances with the Duchess of Cambridge]]> Tue, 17 Oct 2017 08:43:41 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/DIT+PADDINGTON+DANCE+Thumb.jpg
Paddington Bear shared a dance with the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton, at a charity event the Royals were hosting at the famous Paddington Station, where the iconic children's book character...]]>
<![CDATA[Store Clerk Robbed With Shock Weapon]]> Mon, 16 Oct 2017 23:53:46 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2017-10-16-15h07m50s201.jpg
Surveillance video at the Citgo gas station in Fort Pierce, Florida shows Middleton Henderson jumping the counter then pulling out an electric baton to shock the clerk. Police say the victim kept fighting...

Photo Credit: Ft. Pierce Police Department]]>
<![CDATA[This Is What Happens When You Take a Fidget Spinner to Space]]> Mon, 16 Oct 2017 14:25:48 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/DIT+SPACE+FIDGET+SPINNER+THUMB.jpg
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station tested a fidget spinner in zero gravity. They had time to play with the popular toy in between three scheduled space walks this month.]]>
<![CDATA[Detective Captures Loose Anaconda]]> Fri, 13 Oct 2017 19:57:30 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Detective_Captures_Loose_Anaconda_1200x675_1073087555587.jpg
A Florida detective had to put a different set of skills to the test when she encountered a very large snake. When detective Emily Shaw got a call Wednesday about a nine-foot snake on the loose, she was uniquely...

Photo Credit: Leon County Sheriff's Office]]>
<![CDATA[Cows Get Loose on Highway]]> Fri, 13 Oct 2017 19:37:42 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Cows_Get_Loose_on_Highway_1200x675_1073086019527.jpg
Some drivers had problems moving along on one Nashville highway Friday afternoon. A tractor-trailer hauling cows overturned and cows escaped from the truck, roaming around the road.]]>
<![CDATA[Man Finds Bobcat Under Desk]]> Fri, 13 Oct 2017 17:04:10 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/NC_bobcat1013_1920x1080.jpg
An Iowa man got quite the surprise when he found a wild bobcat under his work desk.

Photo Credit: WHO-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Cows Keep Traffic From Moo-ving on Nashville Parkway]]> Sat, 14 Oct 2017 18:32:09 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/cowshighway.png
A truck carrying cows overturned in Nashville, Tennessee, allowing the animals to roam free.]]>
<![CDATA[You'll Be Surprised to Hear About Dallas' WonderPhones]]> Wed, 11 Oct 2017 05:56:06 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/dallas-wonderphones.jpg
Old payphone booths in Dallas are being transformed into "WonderPhones," which are designed to connect the people of downtown to the city and each other.

Photo Credit: NBC 5 News]]>
<![CDATA[Video Shows Robber Getting Tackled by Customers]]> Tue, 10 Oct 2017 23:12:26 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2017-10-10-17h12m28s232.jpg
A group of customers stopped a masked robber in an Indiana grocery store and it was all caught on camera. A man approached the cashier at a local Indiana grocery store -- implied that he had a weapon --...

Photo Credit: WMAQ-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Mama Bear and Cubs Break Into Pizzeria]]> Tue, 10 Oct 2017 09:03:36 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Mama_Bear_and_Cub_Break_Into_Pizzeria_1200x675_1066500675645.jpg
A mama bear and her cubs were caught on camera sneaking a special snack from a Colorado pizzeria. In the surveilence video, the three bears are seen rooting around Antonio's Real New York Pizza.

Photo Credit: Antonio's Real NY Pizza]]>
<![CDATA[Man Clings to Front of School Bus in Road Rage Case]]> Mon, 09 Oct 2017 09:40:46 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Man_Clings_to_Bus_in_Road_Rage_Incident-150755184653400002.jpg
Baltimore police arrested a man in a bizarre case of road rage last Thursday, after a video showed him clinging to the front of a moving school bus and banging on the hood while demanding the driver open...]]>
<![CDATA[Dog Sets Record For Longest Tongue]]> Sat, 07 Oct 2017 11:05:45 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/LONG+DOG.jpg
A St. Bernard from South Dakota has set a world record for having the longest tongue for a dog. According to The Guinness World Records, Mochi's tongue measures 7.31 inches. Mochi's owner says her rescue dog is...

Photo Credit: KDLT-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Caught on Camera: Deputy Attacked]]> Fri, 06 Oct 2017 14:54:22 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/NC_deputyattacked1006_1920x1080.jpg
Cell phone video shows a California sheriff's deputy being chased by a suspect, attacked and then nearly run over. 

Photo Credit: KCRA-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Automatic Door Traps Robber]]> Thu, 28 Sep 2017 23:47:16 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2017-09-28-17h59m28s104.jpg
An Australian service station robber was thwarted by an automatic door. A thief who took the cash register from a service station in Reservoir, Melbourne, was stopped by the automatic doors as he fled.

Photo Credit: EBU]]>
<![CDATA[Woman Gets Apology Note, Money, Joint After Car Scratched]]> Wed, 27 Sep 2017 12:17:02 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Woman_Gets_Apology_Note_Money_and_a_Joint_After_Car_Scratched_1200x675_1055529027976.jpg
An apology note, two $20 bills, and half a joint: It's what Mandi Shepard says she found in an envelope stuck on her car's left side mirror as she was driving home. Shepard left work in Denver, Colorado at...

Photo Credit: KUSA-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Teen Steals Uncle's Uniform and Poses as Deputy]]> Tue, 26 Sep 2017 23:44:22 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/NC_fakedeputy0926_1920x1080.jpg
A Florida teen is behind bars after stealing a uniform, gun and cruiser, then posing as a Marion County Sheriff's deputy. Detectives said he stole his uncle's badge and uniform over the weekend, and the...

Photo Credit: WESH-TV]]>
<![CDATA[300 Drones Light Up Night Sky Over Downtown LA]]> Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:54:17 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/DIT+WONDER+WOMAN+THUMB.jpg
To celebrate the Blu-ray release of “Wonder Woman,” 300 drones flew over downtown Los Angeles in an illuminated, choreographed art show creating some stunning visuals.]]>
<![CDATA[Double Whopper: Babies Born Back-to-Back at NJ Burger King]]> Wed, 13 Sep 2017 17:03:06 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/BATTLE+BABIES+BORN+BURGER+KING+NJ+MATERIAL+-+14482420_WNBC_0000.jpg
Two women have delivered healthy babies on back-to-back days in the parking lot of the same Burger King restaurant in New Jersey.Make that a double: same parking lot, same EMTs, same cops."My partner and...

Photo Credit: NBC 4 NY]]>
<![CDATA[Police Pull Over Mayor for Driving Lawn Mower While Drinking]]> Wed, 13 Sep 2017 11:27:13 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/208*120/John+Gardner.jpg
Police pulled over a South Carolina mayor last month who turned out to be drinking on an odd mode transportation.

Photo Credit: Horry County Police Department]]>
<![CDATA[Homicide Suspect in Detroit Chase Runs Into Highway Traffic]]> Fri, 08 Sep 2017 12:29:32 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/detroit-chase-wdiv-kotm.jpg
A chase with a homicide suspect came to a dramatic end in Detroit Friday.

Photo Credit: WDIV-TV]]>
<![CDATA[Rare Yellow Lobster Makes Debut at New England Aquarium]]> Fri, 08 Sep 2017 08:45:06 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/216*120/Screen+Shot+2017-09-01+at+9.51.29+AM.png
The New England Aquarium added a rare yellow lobster to its collection of uniquely colored lobsters. The odds of a yellow lobster in the wild are estimated at one in 30 million.]]>
<![CDATA[Squirrel Hides in Car, Climbs Up Woman's Leg as She Drives]]> Fri, 01 Sep 2017 12:46:15 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/233*120/Screen+Shot+2017-09-01+at+9.44.39+AM.png
A University of North Carolina professor keeps her cool and makes a new friend when a stowaway squirrel climbs up her leg as she's driving. WRAL's Lynda Loveland reports.]]>
<![CDATA[Un-Bee-Lievable! Canadian Man Sets New Bee Beard Record]]> Tue, 05 Sep 2017 08:27:22 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/beebeard.jpg
A bee honey worker from Ontario, Canada, set a new Guinness World Record time for wearing a bee beard.]]>
<![CDATA[The Story Behind the Hurricane Harvey Viral Dog Photo ]]> Mon, 28 Aug 2017 19:56:25 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/DIT_HARVEY_DOG_082817_1-150395393150800001.jpg
After Hurricane Harvey hit, a now-viral photo was taken of a dog carrying a bag of dog food down the street. But there’s more to this photo than meets the eye.]]>
<![CDATA[Fla. Man Engages in Sexual Activity While Stealing a Trailer: Officials]]> Wed, 23 Aug 2017 22:29:56 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/161*120/082317+man+steals+trailer.jpg
A man was getting busy in more ways than one when he stole a trailer from a pool company in Cooper City worth at least $1,200, authorities said.The suspect was caught on camera backing a truck into a...

Photo Credit: Broward County Sheriff's Office]]>
<![CDATA[Must See: Brazen Liquor Thief Caught on Camera]]> Thu, 24 Aug 2017 17:04:28 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/vlcsnap-2017-08-23-17h26m57s133.jpg
Police in Shreveport, Louisiana, are seeking the public's help in finding a brazen liquor store shoplifter. Security footage shows the woman placing several bottles of liquor in her pants, under her shirt and in...

Photo Credit: Shreveport Police Department]]>
<![CDATA[Bei Bei the Panda Celebrates 2nd Birthday at National Zoo]]> Tue, 22 Aug 2017 15:00:43 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/pandabday.jpg
Bei Bei the panda cub celebrated his second birthday at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 22, with an ice cake and some new toys.]]>
<![CDATA[Christmas Decorations on Sale, in August]]> Tue, 22 Aug 2017 07:38:28 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/213*120/Christmas_at_Hobby_Lobby.jpg
It's the middle of August, and already Christmas decorations are going on sale, according to the weekly ad posted by Hobby Lobby.]]>
<![CDATA[Fla. Judge Denies Postponing Trial So Witness Can See Eclipse]]> Mon, 21 Aug 2017 14:37:27 -0500 http://media.nbcdfw.com/images/220*120/Philly+Solar+Eclipse+258p.JPG
A federal judge in Florida ruled a trial couldn't be postponed just because one of the key witnesses — a federal agent — had travel plans to see the solar eclipse.In a droll, three-page ruling issued...

Photo Credit: NBC10]]>