Realtor Pleads Guilty to Harassing Ex-Employee on Facebook

Victim says James Delagarza posted hateful things with her account after she quit

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    A Collin County real estate agent once featured on CNN Money as a "millionaire in the making" pleaded guilty Thursday to harassing a former employee online.

    Jessica Smith said James Delagarza hacked into her Facebook account hours after she quit her job.

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    Using Smith's account, Delagarza posted hateful things on an overweight friend's page and on the wall of a friend whose dog had just died.

    "I started getting messages back from my friends going, 'How could you say these things? Do you really think this of me? What's wrong with you?" she said.

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    Smith worked as Delagarza's office administrator at First Premier Realty for four months last year.

    Humiliated and angry, Smith went to police, who subpoenaed Facebook to find out who accessed her account. The trail lead to Delagarza's Allen home.

    "My understanding is that he had some kind of a computer program on the computers at work that would grab logins and passwords and things of that nature, I guess, and hold them in a file somewhere," Smith said.

    As part of his plea, Delagarza admitted that he posted one or more messages with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate and threaten Smith.

    "I'm happy that he pled guilty," Smith said. "I'm glad to have a little bit of closure there. However, it's not OK to go into people's private life."

    Delagarza will serve six years of probation.

    "He pled guilty to a felony offense," said his attorney, James Rosenthal. "We feel like that's more than enough. He's ready to move on."

    Smith said that's what she's trying to do, too.

    "Even with the things that I found, you still never really know what got sent to other people," she said.