Phishing Emails Use Dallas Police Chief's Photo

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    The Dallas Police Department confirms that an email using a picture of Chief David Brown is circulating in a phishing scheme. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013)

    One of the latest phishing email schemes is using a picture of Dallas' top cop.

    Dallas police confirm that an email using a picture of Chief David Brown is circulating.

    The picture is similar to one found on the Dallas Police Department's website. It even says the email is coming from police headquarters.

    But it becomes obvious in the body of the email that it is fake. The text features bad grammar and incorrect punctuation. There's not even a contact number listed.

    Dallas police say they're investigating.

    The text of the email is:

    Attention .

    This Information is reaching you from Dallas Police Department.,We have two consignment boxes on our custody from one Mr John Kone On your behalf together with your address as the owner of two boxes and we have told Mr John Kone to come up with the clearance fee within 48hrs or this two consignment will be return back to the sender in the next 72hrs.

    Contact John Kone for your own good.

    David O. Brown
    Chief of Police