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Lewisville ISD Embraces Cellphones in Class

School district wants kids to bring their own technology to class

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    It's a modern spin on classroom learning.

    This year, the Lewisville Independent School District is encouraging students to bring their own technology to class. Laptops, iPads and even cellphones are no longer against the rules.

    Lewisville ISD Welcomes Laptops, iPads, Cellphones

    [DFW] Lewisville ISD Welcomes Laptops, iPads, Cellphones
    This year, Lewisville schools are encouraging students to bring their own technology to class. (Published Monday, Aug. 22, 2011)

    "We were sick of the fact that we could do so much with technology that we weren't even able to use," Hebron High School sophomore Sara Nance said.

    The school district threw out its old policy, and personal devices are now part of the curriculum.

    "This is something they have told me they want to do," Superintendent Stephen Waddell said.

    Waddell said the Bring Your Own Technology Program, or B.Y.O.T., embraces what teens already do.

    "They will be more engaged in learning, and I think it will make our classrooms just that much richer," Waddell said.

    "One important thing about teaching teenagers is understanding teenagers," teacher Shannon Whiteley said.

    Whiteley, is a teacher at the Hebron Ninth Grade Campus, which tested the program last spring.

    "I am able to supplement for students that don't have their own and not exclude them from being able to do the activities that we do with technology," Whiteley said.

    B.Y.O.T. also saves the school district money.

    "Technology is expensive, and it's a way that we don't have to pay for that," Waddell said.

    Students may have more power at their fingertips, but  teachers are still the boss when it comes to classroom disruptions and cheating.

    "We are still the adult in the room," Whiteley said.

    Lewisville ISD will implement this program at all of its campuses, and it will include kindergarten through twelfth grade.