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Stadium Builders Respond to NY Times Review

Cowboys Stadium: "Supersize, with a helping of sprawl?"



    An architecture review in the New York Times called Cowboys Stadium "crude" and "unoriginal."

    Kickoff for the Cowboys versus. Giants game isn't quite here yet, but the rivalry has already begun.

    A review in New York Times slammed the new Cowboys Stadium in Friday's paper, calling it "crude" and "unoriginal."

    Contractors Respond to Times Review

    [DFW] Contractors Respond to Times Review
    Contractors who worked on Cowboys Stadium respond to a negative review in the New York Times of the architecture.
    (Published Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009)

    But what do people here in Texas have to say about the review?

    Melvin Davis came up from Houston this weekend just to get a look at the new stadium.

    Stadium Getting Ready to Shine in Prime Time

    [DFW] Stadium Getting Ready to Shine in Prime Time
    The finishing touches are going on Cowboys Stadium before the big game on Sunday.
    (Published Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009)

    "In my opinion, they perfected it," he said.

    The New York Times, however, didn't agree. In Friday's paper, an architecture review about the stadium was headlined "supersize, with a helping of sprawl."

    Maybe the headline writer has never heard the saying that "everything's bigger in Texas."

    "The thing of it is, in New York, they don't have enough space to do this," Davis said. "They're short on space down there, that's all I have to say, man."

    The New York Times also said the stadium looked like "a big flying saucer." But the guys who built it say, there's a reason for that.

    "There's absolutely a reason. The air flows directly over the building so it doesn't stop at the building, so you don't get the sounds you would get if it were built like a traditional stadium," said Steve Little, president of KPost Company.

    Little's crew built the roof on Cowboys Stadium. Needless to say, Little was less than impressed with the Times review.

    "You know, I was astounded," Little said after reading the line in the review that said, "The vastness of the concourses can make you feel as if you are lost in an international airport terminal."

    "It was obviously written by somebody that's never been to a pro football game and been with 50 people trying to get to concessions or 10,000 people trying to exit from a section all to the same corridor," he said.

    But Davis said the review was probably less about being precise and more about being jealous.

    "They're probably just mad because they didn't do it first," said Davis.

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