Cleveland Cavaliers Blaze New NBA Record: Most Consecutive Losses

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    The post-LeBron era Cleveland Cavaliers have been struggling ever since the basketball legend signed to play for Miami, in a highly-publicised, highly televised decesion process.  The Cavs have a bit more notoriety again, but for a less than ideal reason—for 24 games running, they’ve lost.

    This is a new low for the team. This time, the Cavs lost to the Portland Trail Blazers, with a final score of 111-105. But it’s also an all-time record for the NBA, setting a record for the most consecutive losses.

    The Cleveland-based team hasn't won a single game in 2011; their collective season isn't much better, with a total of 34 losses out of 35 games.  Seasons that were comprable to this dismal year included the 1981-82 season, combined with losses from 1982-83, the Associated Press reports.

    You have to hand it to the Cavs, though. At least they’re consistent!