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Judge Will Decide Next Steps in Super Bowl XLV Case

A mediator tried to broker a deal, but no agreement was made

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    The fight over Super Bowl XLV seats at Cowboys Stadium heats up Thursday when a judge and lawyers representing fans who are suing the Cowboys, Jerry Jones and the NFL will meet. (Published Thursday, July 5, 2012)

    The judge and the lawyers representing fans suing the Cowboys, Jerry Jones and the NFL will discuss the next steps in the case on Thursday.

    A mediator was used to try and broker a deal that would have settled the suit out of court, but that process failed.

    Temporary seats were built for Super Bowl XLV in 2011. Roughly 3,200 fans were affected when not all of the seats were finished by game time, deemed to be unsafe. Many fans were relocated to new areas, some with less than ideal viewing options, but 400 fans were left outside.

    The NFL tried to compensate the affected fans. However, the displaced fans have not agreed to any settlement.

    The fans in this case are seeking $5 million in damages.