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Jerry and Co. Shooting For Super Bowl Attendance Record

With a little help from the NFL, Cowboys Stadium could host the largest crowd in Super Bowl history


    The NFL is working around the clock to get Cowboys Stadium ready for Super Bowl XLV.

    In the home opener of 2009, the first ever regular season game at Cowboys Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys set a regular season NFL record for attendance, with more than 105,000 souls crammed, somehow, into the new digs at JerryWorld.

    Next month, Jerry and his fancy new stadium will take on a new challenge: the record for Super Bowl attendance.

    The current record was recorded at 103,667, in 1980 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. This could easily be exceeded in the big game, next month in Arlington.

    Jerry Jones’ and the Cowboys’ hope of surpassing this mark was recently given a boost, when the NFL announced that it would sell tickets for the stadium’s east pavilion, which is, of course, outside the stadium but inside security parameters--and that these tickets would count toward the attendance total.
    So, for the price of $200, you can watch the Super Bowl--outside, and on a screen.

    If history is any indicator, some takers for these tickets will emerge; and who knows? Maybe they’ll just contribute to the largest crowd in the 45-year history of the Super Bowl.