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Jeremy Piven Is Not Pleased With the Super Bowl XLV Match-Up

Think the Steelers-Packers will be a good Super Bowl? Jeremy Piven definitely doesn't



    Highly skilled franchise quarterbacks, proud, storied franchises and suffocating defenses usually make for a good Super Bowl, and all of these are possessed by the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. So, good Super Bowl, right?

    Not according to Ari Gold.

    Actor Jeremy Piven was recently caught on camera expressing, in very Ari Goldish terms, his displeasure over the Super Bowl XLV. Piven, who it should be noted, is from New York City, wanted the Bears and Jets to play in the NFL’s championship game; as we all saw last week, though, Piven went 0-for-2 on conference championship games, leaving the Steelers and Pack as the last teams standing.

    "Jets and Bears would have been the greatest Super Bowl," Piven said recently at the Sundance Festival in Utah, per the Huffington Post. "Now its Rapistberger and the Cheeseheads. The Cheesy Rape Burger."

    That his remarks might come across as offensive wasn’t lost on Piven, at the time. Once he’s confirmed that his remarks were videotaped, Piven was asked if that was okay. “Nooo,” Piven says.

    Which means that the next time Ari and Jerry Jones meet, they’ll have something other than bringing an NFL team to LA to discuss; namely, poorly chosen words finding their way to YouTube.