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"I'm Not Buying It" Campaign Targets Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Spike

Some have estimated that up to 15,000 out-of-town sex workers will come to town this week

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    Tom Dart is hot on the trail of Chicago hookers.

    With a dramatic influx of sex workers expected in the Dallas area this week for Super Bowl XLV, a number of advocacy groups have joined together to encourage potential customers around town to say, simply, “I’m not buying it.”

    According to estimates, up to 15,000 pimps and prostitutes will descend upon Dallas this week for Super Bowl XLV. Studies have also shown the child sex rings see a spike during Super Bowl week. In response to this kind of shocking influx, a number of advocacy groups have come out in an effort to stem the tide of sex workers.

    One such group, Traffick 911, in association with a number of similar organizations, has introduced their “I’m not buying it” campaign to discourage the trend. The group says that the Super Bowl committee has yet to respond to requests to put up their “I’m not buying it” posters, but a number of PSAs, including one featuring Cowboys’ nose tackle Jay Ratliff, have hit the internet.

    “As a man, and as the father of two beautiful girls, I’m not buying it--and neither should you,” Ratliff says in the clip, which can be seen in its entirety here. “If you’re one of these men buying these young girls, I’m telling you, real men don’t buy children. They don’t buy sex.”