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For Jerry Jones, Mavs' Success Provides Inspiration, Diversion

In the midst of a lockout, Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones is keeping an eye on the Dallas Mavericks



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    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is happy for the Dallas Mavericks, who will meet the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals for the second time in the past six seasons beginning next week--and not only because he’s a Mavs fan, or a personal friend of Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban.

    Jones, who spoke to reporters at the owners’ annual spring meetings in St. Louis recently, is just glad to have some diversion from the NFL’s labor impasse and the resulting work stoppage, which is now in its 77th day.

    “I’m not only excited for [Mark Cuban], I’m excited for all sports fans in the Dallas area,” Jones said, per ESPN Dallas. “This is great. When I get up, this is what’s in the papers, this is what’s on the news, and it really is great, for us, right now. We’re (The NFL) kind of getting the technical part, the business part of our league, going in, so it’s great to have that Mavericks success.”

    For Jones, the Mavericks’ success also provides some inspiration.

    “Now the more important thing is can you win? Can you get the job done?” Jones said. “And I don’t know when I’ve been more inspired than I’ve been by the way that team has played, the resolve it has.”