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Doritos Shooting for All-Madden Team

Chipmaker releases Stadium Nacho and Tailgater BBQ flavors



    Frank Heinz,
    All he needs is Stadium Nacho or Tailgater BBQ flavored tortilla chips.

    As the free world anxiously awaits the release of EA’s Madden NFL 11 game, it receives the comforting news from Frito-Lay that the snack-maker just issued limited editions of some comfort food.

    Doritos brand Stadium Nacho and Tailgater BBQ flavored tortilla chips just hit the store shelves as a tie-in product to the Aug. 10 release of Madden NFL 11, and don’t you feel better about the wait?

    This stuff just doesn’t get any funnier than the work of some news release writer on the Frito-Lay payroll.

    “The special Madden-inspired Doritos were developed using Frito-Lay’s cutting-edge FlavorPlus technology, which replicates the timing of how a flavor is released during consumption — from the smell and taste all the way to the texture — to deliver a truly authentic flavor experience. For consumers, it means each time they open a bag of new Stadium Nacho or Tailgater BBQ Doritos chips, they’ll enjoy powerful flavors that remind them of game day and unique aromas that will take them right onto the field.”

    No doubt the chips will bring back fond memories for guys thinking back on their playing days and eating chips in the huddle.

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