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Dallas' Zoo Animals Latest to Catch Mavs Mania



    Facebook/Dallas Zoo
    A lion sniffs over a melon painted to look like Heat basketballs.

    Those on two-legs aren't the only ones rooting for the Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

    Creatures at the Dallas Zoo have also been stricken with Mavs Mania, many of which the zoo says will Tweet words of encouragement and support to Mavs players on the zoo's Twitter account. 

    On their Facebook page, photos showed five watermelons painted with the logo of the Miami Heat and letters H-E-A-T being fed to the zoo's lions.

    We hope the metaphor carries over to Game 2 Thursday night.

    If you haven't been to the Dallas Zoo yet this spring/summer, remember that during the NBA Finals anyone wearing Mavs gear will get $3 off the cost of admission.