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Arlington's Super Bowl Expenses Came in Under Budget

City says it spent less than its $2.7 million budget

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    Arlington, home of Cowboys Stadium, says it spent less on the Super Bowl than its budget of $2.7 million.

    Arlington is requesting reimbursement from the state and the Super Bowl XLV Host Committee for expenses accrued during the Super Bowl.

    Arlington, home of Cowboys Stadium, has clear-cut figures for just how much the big game cost it. The city says it spent less than its budget of $2.7 million.

    "I think our budget was pretty much in context of what we thought," said Trey Yelverton, deputy city manager. "At the end, [we] actually ended up saving more money."

    The city spent just more than $2.65 million during the week of the Super Bowl.

    "I think the host committee will be pleasantly surprised that while they contracted for an amount, we will have actually expended less than what they contracted for," Yelverton said.

    In effect, Arlington served as a contractor for both a state event trust fund and the Super Bowl XLV Host Committee. According to the agreement, everything the city spent would be reimbursed by both entities.

    The majority of the city's costs came from public safety, mainly man-hours for both police and firefighters.

    The city also had expenses for dealing with the snow and ice that blanketed North Texas in the days before the game.

    But even with those expenditures, the city came in $130,000 under budget. The leftover money goes back to the host committee.

    "They'll get a little extra dividend to either leave with the state for state revenues or either make investments in other things that they need to take care of for the event," Yelverton said.

    The city of Dallas is requesting reimbursement for a similar amount as Arlington. Dallas spent about $2.6 million the week of the Super Bowl.

    Figures for Fort Worth and Irving were not available as of late Friday night.