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Texas Democrats See Opening in Tea Party Triumphs



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    Wendy Davis gives a speech after being nominated the Democratic candidate for Texas governor.

    Wendy Davis is the big draw for Texas Democrats, but they now believe an even mightier presence can lure voters their way in November: the tea party.

    The Texas GOP convention begins Wednesday in Fort Worth. Rick Perry is going for the last time as Texas governor, but the tea party will be the real headliners following a dominant primary election.

    Democrats who haven't won a statewide race in 20 years say they can take advantage of the GOP tilting even farther to the right by winning voters turned off by intense partisanship. But Democrats are also heading to November with an undercard of little-known longshots.

    Among them is cattle farmer Jim Hogan, their nominee for agriculture commissioner, who's candid about running as Democratic because the competition was less stiff.