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Texas Considers Texting-While-Driving Ban



    Texas could be the next U.S. state to require drivers to keep their hands off their cell phone keyboards.

    House Bill 243 would ban texting, e-mailing or writing anything on a cell phone while driving.

    Should Texas Ban Texting While Driving?

    [DFW] Should Texas Ban Texting While Driving?
    Texas may be next on the growing list of states banning texting or emailing while driving.
    (Published Monday, March 14, 2011)

    Talking on a phone -- even without a hands-free device -- would still be permissible. The measure is being debated in legislative committees.

    Collin County Sheriff Terry Box has had a similar policy in place for deputies for nearly a year. Patrols aren't even able to access their computer monitors unless they're at a complete stop.

    Deputies can only use cell phones with a hands-free device or if an emergency 911 call is being routed to an officer en route to a call.

    "I think it's become just as much prevalent as DWI driving, and, yes, it should be regulated," Box said.