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Tempers Flare in House Over Fears of Walkout

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    House Republicans attempted to put the chamber on lockdown over fears that Democrats may be planning a walkout.

    Republican Rep. Warren Chisum asked Speaker Joe Straus to "put a call" on the House, which means that the doors would be locked and lawmakers would be prohibited from leaving the chamber.

    After a House sergeant-at-arms locked the back door, a handful of Democrats became irate and demanded the doors be unlocked while Straus made a ruling on Chisum's request.

    Chisum then revoked his request, but House business came to a halt as leaders discussed their next move.

    House rules require two-thirds, or 100, members to be present for the House to conduct business. The GOP has a 101-49 majority, meaning Democrats could only bust quorum if not all Republicans were present.