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Perry, Hutchison Quibble over Perry Speaking to a Church



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    Texas Governor Rick Perry


    Gov. Rick Perry told the congregation of a Dallas-area evangelical church that the U.S. Constitution as a document based on "godly principles."

    Perry on Sunday was among the crowd of about 1,000 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Elevate Life Church in Frisco.

    Perry faces Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the March 2 GOP gubernatorial primary.  Jennifer Baker, Hutchison's campaign spokeswoman, said Perry used the appearance to "turn a day about the Lord into a day about Rick Perry."

    During the appearance, Perry stressed that the role of the federal government is to serve the states, saying the federal government was created by states to be an agent of the states, "not the other way around."

    Pastor Keith Craft remained impartial, adding any sitting governor would be invited to church regardless of party affiliation.