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Perry Goes on the Offensive



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    Gov. Rick Perry's campaign has released its most aggressive attack ad on Mitt Romney.

    Gov. Rick Perry is back on the offensive.

    Just one day before an important debate, Perry's campaign released its most aggressive attack ad on Mitt Romney.

    The ad compares President Barack Obama's health care bill (dubbed ObamaCare) to Romney's health care plan (dubbed RomneyCare).

    The ad even features Romney's reflection in a mirror, along with Obama's reflection.

    The ad, with its scary music, also features snippets of sound from Romney's press interviews. The Perry camp, trying to portray Romney as "Obama-lite," even makes reference to Romney's personal wealth and changing positions on issues.

    NBC's Carrie Dann said Romney made a comment Monday, seemingly defending his success and personal wealth.

    "In my party, we celebrate success, we don't attack success," Romney said, according to a Tweet from Dann.

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