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Good Hair vs Pretty Lips? As the GOP Gov Race Turns ...

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    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, left, and current Gov. Rick Perry are going head-to-head in the race for Texas governor in 2010.

    Gov. Rick Perry gets plenty of ribbing about his hair, even earning the nickname "Gov. Good Hair." On Twitter, two separate accounts pay homage to the governor's hair ( @GovPerrysHair and @RickPerrysHair ).

    As in real life, Perry's hair has competition: Sen. Kay Bailey's lips.

    A new Twitter page has popped up  ( @KayBaileysLips ) doing the talking for Hutchison's kisser.

    The tweets are obviously not from the Senator, and include funny ones like "Mmmm, just got a fresh coat of paint!" to "I swear the host pays more attention to that guy's hair than she does to us. We're dry again!"

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