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Doonesbury Takes on Texas Sonogram Law

Star-T moves strip to website

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The funny papers aren't so funny these days.

The satirical comic strip Doonesbury, which runs in approximately 1,400 daily newspapers across the country, is getting a lot of attention this week because of its subject matter - abortion.

Doonesbury Takes on Texas Sonogram Law

[DFW] Doonesbury Takes on Texas Sonogram Law
Satirical comic author Garry Trudeau is taking on Texas' controversial law that requires a sonogram before an abortion. (Published Tuesday, March 13, 2012)

Specifically, Garry Trudeau, the man behind Doonesbury, is taking aim at Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the controversial law that requires a woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound examination, be briefed on the health of the fetus by a doctor and then go through a mandatory 24-hour waiting period before ending the pregnancy.

Several prominent newspapers are choosing to not run the strip this week, including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Editorial director J.R. Labbe wrote an explanation for the paper's decision that appears in Tuesday's edition.

"The reason for not printing the strip has nothing to do with left- or right-wing politics. It has everything to do with civility and consistency," Labbe writes, in part.  She goes on to say that passionate arguments can be made without crossing a line, which Labbe indicates Trudeau has.

The Star-Telegram has made the Doonesbury strips available on the paper's website and can be seen here. The Dallas Morning News is continuing to run the strip this week.