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Critics Question Perry's Sending of Elite Rangers to Border



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    BAGHDAD, IRAQ - JANUARY 24: Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks to a soldier during a trip to Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2006. Perry visited troops in a former Saddam Hussein palace, now used as a U.S. Embassy compound. (Photo by Jacob Silberberg/Pool/Getty Images)

    Sheriffs, politicians and residents along the Texas-Mexico border are puzzled over Gov. Rick Perry's decision to send teams of the elite Texas Rangers to address a rise in burglaries of rural ranches and hunting camps.

      Some ranchers in remote areas say smugglers and illegal immigrants are more frequently crossing their land. But they say the encounters are not violent and overall crime along the border has been falling.
    Critics of Perry's so-called Ranger Recon teams accuse the Texas governor of political posturing as he heads into a tough Republican primary race.
    Texas Rangers Assistant Chief L.C. Wilson says he will discuss the plan with some border sheriffs this week at an out-of-state conference.