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Deep Learning: Teaching Computers to Predict the Future



    Christian Science Monitor/Getty
    Postdoctoral scholar, Scott Kuinversa demonstrates the capabilities of the Atlas robot during the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory's Demo Day on April 6, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Researchers have configured computers to predict the immediate future by examining a photograph, NBC News reported.

    A program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has analyzed 2 million videos to see how scenes typically progress, and can generate a 1.5-second video clip predicting a scenario based on a photograph.

    The MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory hopes to generate longer videos with more complexity in the future.

    To create the program, the team relied on a scientific technique called deep learning, which uses mathematical structures to pull patterns from massive data sets. It could lead to computers making diagnoses from medical images, customer predictions or even operating vehicles.

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