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American Collector Nabs Rare 14 Karat Gold Lego Brick For Nearly $20K at Auction

The big-ticket brick was bought by an American collector for $19,793 at an online auction house



    Courtesy of Marlin PR
    It's believed that only 10 of these rare golden Lego bricks are floating around worldwide, according to online auction house Catawiki.

    There are certain toys some people never outgrow. For one American collector, it's Legos.

    A 14-karat Lego brick was sold to an American collector for $19,793 by online auction house Catawiki Wednesday night. The brick weighs less than a tenth of a pound and is the same size and shape as the original version.

    The big-ticket brick belonged to the uncle of an Italian business partner who helped the company establish a market in the country in 1980.

    Between 1979 and 1981, Lego gave the golden bricks to a select few business partners and employees who clocked 25 years with the toy-maker. No more than 10 of these rare slabs exist worldwide, according to the international auction house.

    It's been over five years since one of the highly-coveted bricks was on the market, when it was sold for $15,000 in 2012. Not even the most expensive lego set can compare: Lego's "Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon" is valued at only $4,729.

    The world's third-largest toy manufacturer was founded in 1932 in Denmark as a small carpenter's workshop.

    Legos aren't the only highly coveted collectibles. A collection of rare Star Wars toys netted Tomoaki Nagao, the Japanese designer behind luxury street-wear brands Billionaire Boys and A Bathing Ape, a cool $505,202 at a 2015 auction held by Sotheby's New York.