Zebra Mussels Turn up in Central Texas Lake

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    Zebra mussels have turned up at Belton Lake in Central Texas while wildlife experts and boaters continue to try to stop the spread of the invasive creatures. (Published Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013)

    Invasive zebra mussels have turned up at a Central Texas lake as efforts continue to stop the spread of the unwanted creatures.

    The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on Thursday announced zebra mussels were discovered Sept. 18 in Belton Lake, 60 miles north of Austin. It's the first time zebra mussels were documented in the Brazos River basin, nearly 200 miles south of where the mussels previously were found in Texas.

    Officials confirmed three sizes of zebra mussels at Belton Lake -- indicating the creatures were likely introduced to the reservoir in 2012.

    Zebra mussels were found in Lake Texoma, bordering Oklahoma, in 2009. Since then mussels or their larvae have spread to several lakes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    Boaters are encouraged to drain their vessels and gear.