Youth Show Off Livestock at Denton County Competition

Denton County Livestock Association Youth Fair and Rodeo competition wraps up

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    There are plenty of boots and fancy belt buckles in Denton this week.

    The Denton County Livestock Association Youth Fair and Rodeo is in full swing, and the competition is fierce.

    Participants get to show off their agricultural skills and talents. If they impress the judges, they can walk away with some scholarship money and, of course, a championship belt buckle.

    "Dax [a lamb] teaches me the value of hard work," Grand Champion Lamb owner Cheyanne Bullock said.

    Denton County Youth Fair and Rodeo

    [DFW] Denton County Youth Fair and Rodeo
    Students are putting their best boot forward showing off their livestock at the Denton County Youth Fair and Rodeo.

    It takes months of dedication and hard work to to the win the grand champion titles.

    "It's a big honor; basically, it's the best steer of all the steer," Grand Champion and Reserve Champion steer owner Taylor Schertz said.

    Kids from all across the county show up at the youth fair to show off their animal and put their best boot forward.

    "It's like a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Payton Schertz said.

    The Schertz sisters said it wasn't easy to raise their steer, Pokerface. Like most of the livestock at the fair, it became a family effort.

    "We get to do this together, and it's one of the only things we get to do together," Taylor Schertz said.