Woman Claims On-Duty Cop Urinated in Front of Her

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    A Covington police officer has been placed on paid leave while he is investigated.

    A Covington police officer has been placed on paid leave while he's investigated for what one family calls inappropriate actions while on duty.

    A convenience store worker said the officer urinated in front of her while she was cleaning the men's restroom. Christine Lowry said the officer walked into the bathroom Thursday night while she was cleaning.

    Thinking he didn't see her, she poked her head out of the restroom stall and asked the officer to give her just a moment to finish, Lowry said.

    But the officer walked up to the urinal and began using it right in front of her, she said.

    Lowry said he then told her, "You should be used to this. I'm sure your husband does it to you all the time."

    Lowry said she was so embarrassed and disturbed after the incident she called her husband and asked him to sit at work with her the rest of the night.

    Police Chief Dowell Missildine said in a telephone interview Tuesday that he received a written complaint regarding the officer late Monday. Missildine said he spoke with the officer and placed him on leave Tuesday.

    Missildine said the officer denied the accusations. Missildine declined to get into the specifics of the case because he has not completed the investigation.

    He said he hoped to have the internal investigation complete by late Thursday.  He said if he feels criminal charges should be filed, he will turn the investigation over to the Texas Rangers.

    The Covington Police Department has eight police officers -- four part-time and four full-time, Missildine said. The officer on leave is one of its full-time officers.

    The officer could not be reached Tuesday for comment. NBCDFW is not identifying the officer because formal charges have not been filed.