Wilmer Water Bills Through the Roof

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    Residents have been calling and visiting Wilmer City Hall to complain about their water bills.

    Wilmer residents have flooded City Hall with complaints about unusually high water bills.

    The city in southern Dallas County said it doesn't know if human error or a computer error is to blame for the bills.

    Flood of Complaints Over Water Bills

    [DFW] Flood of Complaints Over Water Bills
    Residents of Wilmer have flooded city hall with complaints about unusually high water bills this month. (Published Friday, Sept. 3, 2010)

    Mayra Wheaton's usual $71 water bill jumped to $471, with no noticeable change in her water consumption, she said.

    "This is something that we're not able to pay," Wheaton said. "We don't even have a swimming pool that would consume 58,000 gallons."

    Her next-door neighbor, Veronica Berumen, faces a $130 charge. She normally pays less than $50.

    "I think it's ridiculous. It's really ridiculous," Berumen said. "That is not fair to us. We've tried and tried to get answers. They can't give us no answers."

    Mayor Jeffery Steele said residents should hold onto their bills for now and not pay them yet.

    "Evidently, there has to be some type of error, and we're investigating those," Mayor Jeffery Steele said. "Until we can figure out the reason why this happened, we can't come up with a solution. What I'd like for the people, the citizens of Wilmer to do, is just take a deep breath. We're going to be able to fix the problem."

    Residents will able to speak about their bills at a City Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. The city said it hopes to have an answers by then.