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Wife of American Missing in Border Lake Moves Home



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    Tiffany Hartley of Milliken, Colo., says her husband, David, was shot by Mexican pirates on Falcon Lake last week as they were returning to the United States on Jet Skis.

    The wife of an American tourist presumably gunned down on the Mexico side of a border lake is leaving Texas and moving back home.

    Tiffany Hartley said Wednesday she was on the road back to Colorado, three weeks after the 29-year-old says her husband was shot in Falcon Lake by Mexican pirates who ambushed the couple in speedboats.

    Hartley says she "will have some quiet time to myself" once she arrives in Colorado but will continue to speak out about her husband.

    Hartley says she'll be on the first plane back to Texas once authorities find the body of David Hartley. She said her moving home doesn't mean she's giving up.

    Tiffany Hartley says the Mexican government should have all the information needed from her following a recent meeting.