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Weather Blamed for Flight Delays at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport



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    The bitter cold sweeping across much of the country is causing major problems with the flight schedule at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport this week.

    DFW Airport canceled 65 departing flights and 318 were delayed by 7 p.m. Monday. Planes and pilots are out of position, stuck in other cities and unable to fly to Dallas-Fort Worth.

    “It’s just hard. They can’t help it, they’re doing the best that they can, but it's, it's hard,” said Katelyn Beckham, of Crowley, who tried all day to get on a flight to her current home in Seattle.

    “It was delayed, and then delayed, and then they finally cancelled it. And I tried to get another flight and there were none, so now I’m going home on Thursday,” said Beckham.

    Long lines of passengers waited at customer service centers and ticket counters to rebook their delayed and cancelled flights.

    “I have three little kids at home that we promised that mom’s going to be [home the] next day and next day, and I’ve been gone since Friday, so yeah, I’m hoping these guys can help me,” said Izabella Stasiukiewicz, of Indianapolis.

    McKinney’s Tom Lester returned to the airport to pick up a friend he dropped off hours before after his long-delayed flight finally cancelled.

    “I’ll get him, take him back home. He’ll find his own way here tomorrow,“ Lester said.

    Most passengers tried their best to take it all in stride.

    “I get more time with my family, so I’m good. I mean, it’s not great but I’m not going to complain about it,” said Beckham.