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"Vans of Fame" Inform North Texans

Denton business uses vans as community billboard

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    A Denton businessman has found a creative way to connect his community.

    Frenchy Rheault, who owns Frenchy's Lawn and Tree Service, turned his company vans into community billboards.

    His "vans of fame" have become a Denton landmark.

    "We don't just mow lawns," he said. "We take care of people."

    When in Denton, it's nearly impossible to miss his orange and blue platforms.

    "Whether it's a pancake supper, chili supper, book fair, we try to get the word out, because the more people that go to events, the more successful it is," Rheault said.

    Kaila Werner, his assistant, said the messages are always positive.

    "If I don't have letters on the van, people will call me and ask if there is something wrong with me," Rheault said.

    The community leader is a Vietnam veteran, and his American pride is evident on top of each parked vehicle. The vans are equipped to hold American flags on their roofs.

    "It just makes me feel better," Rheault said. "When I pull up in the morning, and I see the flags waving, I know that it's going to be a great day."