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Two Sentenced in Garland Embezzlement Scheme

Authorities say Kenneth and Leah Brown cashed in checks written to themselves



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     A couple is going to prison for taking part in a conspiracy to embezzle money from the Dallas suburb of Garland.

    Kenneth Brown and his wife, Leah Brown were sentenced Friday by a federal judge in Dallas.

    Kenneth Brown was given a 3½ year prison term while his wife was sentenced to nearly three years in prison. The couple was convicted in February.

    Kenneth Brown was ordered to pay more than $300,000 in restitution while his wife has to pay more than $142,000.

    The conspiracy involved several other people and led to about $2 million in losses for 

    Most of the proceeds went to Patricia Leathers, a former risk management adjuster for the city. Leathers is serving a nearly five-year prison sentence.