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Naked Driver Crashes Into Southwest Center Mall



    (Published Friday, July 13, 2012)

    Dallas police say a naked man covered only with a blanket drove a truck into the Southwest Center Mall and broke into a sporting goods store to steal pants and some new Air Jordans.

    Officers arrested Arthur Walker Friday morning after finding him injured at the scene.

    The bizarre story began, according to Dallas Police Sgt. Elliott Forge, when Walker had some sort of fight with family members at an unknown location in Dallas.

    Later, a woman reported that the suspect was banging on the window of her vehicle that was driving on Cockrell Hill road in Dallas while wearing only a blanket. Police said there is not a charge for being half-naked and banging on a window.

    After that incident, police dispatch received a call about a break-in at the Southwest Center Mall. When police responded, they found Walker had driven a truck through the glass entrance doors near Macy's, driven down the corridor and over several mall kiosks, and crashed through the pull-down gate and into Champs Sporting Goods inside the mall.

    Police say Walker left his blanket, the only thing covering him, in the truck and got out to get dressed using some of the goods in the store. He was at least wearing pants with the price tag attached as well as a pair of brand new Air Jordan basketball shoes when arrested by police.

    Officers removed the shoes from the suspect to return to the store, but allowed the suspect to keep the possibly stolen pants as he traveled to an area hospital.

    Police are charging the man with burglary, but may charge him with other crimes as the investigation continues.

    NBC 5's Kendra Lyn spoke to the driver briefly and asked if he was attempting to steal anything. The driver replied, "no," before police stopped the suspect from continuing to answer.

    A portion of the mall will be shut down as police investigate how much damage has been done. Mall managers are on scene to assess the situation.

    NBC 5's Kendra Lyn contributed to this report.