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Trophy Club Residents Want New Town Leaders

Planned multi-family development is causing a battle



    A group of Trophy Club residents are ready to find new city leaders because of a development fight. The battle is over a planned development that includes multi-family apartment units.

    Members of Residents United for Trophy Club said their town council is not hearing them out.

    Trophy Club Residents Want New Town Leaders

    [DFW] Trophy Club Residents Want New Town Leaders
    Residents in Trophy Club say city planners, including the mayor, aren't listening to issues surrounding a new development in the city.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 20, 2012)

    "They misrepresent what we say. They marginalize our efforts. They minimize our numbers, and they want this more than anything, and we absolutely oppose it," Trophy Club resident Danny Mayer said.

    Mayer and other members of the residents group are against the multi-family development that would be built at the town's entrance along Highway 114.

    "6.3 percent of our density is apartments, we don't need anymore," Mayer said.

    Trophy Club Town Manager Mike Slye said the development would bring needed business to the town. The property owner plans to mix retail and residential units.

    "The town really is starved for commercial and retail development," Slye said. "Quite frankly, those type of restaurants and retail that he is looking to draw to Trophy Club require the density. That is his argument."

    Residents United for Trophy Club said they are for commercial development but against re-zoning the land for more apartments.

    "It is a bedroom community. We are not a destination. We are just a bedroom community, and we want to stay that way," Mayer said.

    Slye and other town leaders said it's an either/or situation. Either the town council accepts the mixed-use plans, or there could be no development at all.

    "This is an opportunity for our community to develop our crown jewel," Slye said.